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LA - Esthetician Meredith Yochum | Image  SteveRagland.com

LA - Esthetician Meredith Yochum | Image SteveRagland.com


By Meredith Yochum | LA Esthetician | Contributing Skin Care Editor | IG @merenomiddle




Model: Alison Law | Photo Jillisa Lynn | Swimwear JiDae  www.shopjidae.com

Model: Alison Law | Photo Jillisa Lynn | Swimwear JiDae www.shopjidae.com

It’s summer so we are at the beach, by the pool, or doing activities in the sun and heat. Use SUNSCREEN! Applying it once and thinking your covered for the rest of day isn’t enough. You have to consider that time, sweat, and swimming means the protection has worn off. Apply at least a 30-50 broad spectrum sunscreen to exposed skin every 2 hours. Don’t forget lip balm with spf. 

Image courtesy of  www.sephora.com

Image courtesy of www.sephora.com

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Acai Fusion Lip Balm

All this extra sweat and product means more oils sitting on the skin, more bacteria, and more body acne.

The secret to less breakouts on the body... is in the SHOWER.

•Use cooler water to help calm inflammation. 

•Wash your hair FIRST! shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Washing your face and body after washing your hair assures the traces of these products are washed away and off the skin. 

Image courtesy of  www.neutrogena.com

Image courtesy of www.neutrogena.com


•Choose a body wash to target acne. I’ve recommended Neutrogena clear body wash forever! It’s light and foaming with salicylic acid that fights breakouts. It’s also less than $5 at your local stores.

•Apply body lotion while still damp at the end of your shower. Skin absorbs and retains the moisturizer better this way and feels less heavy throughout your day. Cetaphil moisturizing lotion for all skin types is lightweight, fragrance free, and won’t cause breakouts while keeping your skin hydrated.

•For extra help on breakouts between showers wipe breakout areas with cleansing wipes right after a sweaty activity to keep bacteria from settling on skin. Use acne cleansing wipes if you struggle with body acne.

Image courtesy of  www.cetaphil.com

Image courtesy of www.cetaphil.com




Skin in the summer has different challenges then the other seasons. We are exposed to more time under the sun, more heat, and more build up. This means skin is more susceptible to harmful sun rays, the skin sweats more, and is more prone to breakouts. To make sure your skin routine is most beneficial to these challenges, follow these steps for your daily skin regimen. 


•Cleanse - use a gentle cleanser that foams. Special cleansing gel from dermalogica is always a good one. It foams and has exfoliating properties without striping your skin. 

•Tone - Toner is an underrated step. It makes a big difference when it’s used. It helps retain your moisturizer and balance skin’s PH. Spray toner right after cleansing and pat into skin before the next step of serum. I like Rosewater spray by Mario Badescu or Multi-Active toner by Dermalogica. 


Image courtesy of www.mariobadescu.com

Image courtesy of www.dermalogica.com

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•Serum - use a serum with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid. This helps protect skin and fight environmental triggers while locking in moisture without any extra product weight, although it’s super concentrated. It sinks right in and won’t cause breakouts. Apply while skin is still damp from toner. Pure hyaluronic & vitamin C serums off Amazon will do and are inexpensive.   

•SPF Moisturizer - a moisturizer that has spf is the most important step even if you’re not spending the day at the beach. Many think skipping this step will mean less oil and shine. However, our skin will actually produce more if it’s lacking. You are better off using it! Choose at least a spf 30-50 broad spectrum. If you have oily skin and are prone to breakouts then use one that’s oil free. Apply to face, neck, and top of hands. Easy spf products are oil-free matte spf from Dermalogica for oily skin or one of PCA skin protection spf. Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple popper, has a new face powder spf in adaptable shades from light to dark for midday touch ups for the makeup wearer.

Image courtesy of  www.dermalogica.com

Image courtesy of www.dermalogica.com

Image courtesy of www.dermstore.com

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•Lip Balm- use lip balm or chapstick with spf as well. 



•Exfoliate - exfoliate every other evening during summer with a mild exfoliant. Exfoliating makes us more sensitive to the sun so doing this at night is best. Charcoal exfoliants which are light yet pull debris and oils from skin and smooth you out are good on younger oily skin. Exfoliating pads w/ glycolic, Lactic, or salicylic acid are good for more mature skin or acne prone skin.



•Moisturizer- moisturizer without spf in the evening let’s the skin breath and recharge. 

BRUSH ON SPF POWERS AVAILABLE IN 3 SHADES | Images courtesy of slmdskincare.com

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