Images courtesy of  TheLIpBar.com

Images courtesy of TheLIpBar.com

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2-Layer Bronzer + Blush Duos - 2-in-1 luminous bronzer + highlighting blush for all shades

2-Layer Bronzer + Blush Duos - 2-in-1 luminous bronzer + highlighting blush for all shades

By Robere Lett | Publisher | Style Editor

The Lip Bar Founder & CEO Melissa Butler.

The Lip Bar Founder & CEO Melissa Butler.

Melissa Butler is challenging the Beauty Standard! Tired-of her Wall Street existence and dreaming of something bigger and better for herself, Melissa Butler founder and Ceo of The Lip Bar is poised to change the way we think, feel and react to beauty. Like most dreamers, Butler took something she loved (i.e.) lipstick and began creating one of the most in-demand brands in the country. The Lip Bar specializes in vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks and lip glosses, founded in 2012 as a home experiment simply because Melissa was having trouble finding non-toxic lipsticks in colors that excited her. Check out the website @ www.thelipbar.com

As Pop-Up shops were becoming the craze, I met Melissa in 2017 as she was launching her first retail space in Detroit’s West Village. As I entered the space, I immediately understood her profound sense of identity, diverse style and eye for beautiful color palettes. Fast forward to 2019, her brand is now in select Target stores across the country, as well as the opening of her new flagship store in Downtown Detroit.

The beautiful new lip bar boutique is located at 1435 Farmer St, Detroit, MI 48226 and has fast-tracked as the go-to place for those who want their lipstick in kick-ass colors and eco-friendly all at the same time. The Lip Bar is now moving beyond the lips and on the cheeks with their NEW 2 Layer Bronzers in five duo layered compacts that promises to give you the perfect Glow Up!



You are beautiful just the way you are. You don’t have to transform to look like the next “It Girl.” You don’t have to do anything but be you, because you are enough. Simply put, I think every woman deserves to be represented.
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Address: 1435 Farmer St, Detroit, MI 48226


Sunday 11AM–5PM

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Phone: (313) 506-9679