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By Robere Lett | Publisher | Style Editor

The art of mixing drinks has come a long way since your friendly neighborhood corner bar or the outdated family room lounge. My house came with an interesting mirrored bar complete with matching shelving and cabinets that I never ever use. Talk about 70's modern! Well, The Perfect10 Mixology (www.perfect10mixology.com) is reinventing the art of creating amazing cocktails as a fun and engaging way to learn a new skill, meet new friends and get your drink on all at the same time.

Fun + Education = Perfection

Perfect10 Mixology is the ultimate mobile bar service, whether it's creating or servicing personal events such as tailgating parties, corporate happy hours, wedding receptions or team-building mixology classes. Owners Jennifer and Steve Peeples have your back.

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The couple founded the business in May of 2017 after attending several parties and events where the lack of great service and amazing cocktails was sorely lacking. Now combating that problem Perfect10 can creatively handle your bartending needs or teach you to perfect your own skills.

Cocktails shouldn’t just be a commodity, but a fun, bonding experience each and every time.


The Perfect10 Mobile Mixology Service specializes in providing unforgettable experiences. Let us assist you in accentuating your event by tailoring its beverage options to the discriminant tastes of your guests.  From the planning stages to the final call, we offer an array of services for your convenience, including beverage consulting, cocktail menu creation, specialty garnishes, and premium homemade infusions – we even offer cocktail classes.  Rest assured, The Perfect10 offers a fun, creative solution to all of your event’s beverage service concerns.

And remember Haute Is Online believes in always drinking responsibly.

All images courtesy of www.Perfect10mixology.com