Cottrell Guidry | Actor, Writer and Producer

Cottrell Guidry | Actor, Writer and Producer

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"Cottrell Guidry is an actor, writer and producer, known for his innovative story lines that promote diversity, bend stereotypes and spark emotional connection."

Cottrell Guidry is a California Native, born in Long Beach and raised in Seal Beach. He's an actor, writer and producer known for creating sketches for Funny or Die and the Aids Healthcare Foundation. In 2014 he created a non scripted show for Maker's Studios (Disney). Cottrell recently wrote, produced and starred in a short film called GRIMSHAW that is being featured in film festivals around the world.  His performance as an actor in the film earned him a best actor award in the TOP SHORTS Festival, in association with IMDB and a feature in LA Confidential as a young Actor/Filmmaker to watch out for.

Q. What was it about the artistry of acting that spoke to you?

A.  Ever since I was little, I always wondered what it would be like to walk around in somebody else's shoes. I'd watch TV and wish I could be transported into the world I was watching. My curiosity just kept growing from there. My short film Grimshaw enabled me to use my childlike imagination to tap into the true art of acting and demonstrate my emotional range.

Q.  You’re a “Triple Threat” is there an order in which your passion lye?

A.   My love for writing and producing has grown significantly over the past few years. One of the many reasons why I produce my own content is to create acting opportunities for myself, in roles that I love. Why wait for someone to "choose me”… I’ve decided to choose myself, champion myself and believe in myself. Generating content that leaves an impact with the audience, is where my true passion lies.

Q.  Is GRIMSHAW a teaser for a feature film? Can you tell us about the feature film that you're working on?

A.  Grimshaw is a quick glimpse into a much larger story that I'm currently working on sharing with the world. My dream has always been to write, direct and star in a feature film. When the time is right, that film with be the a feature length version of Grimshaw. At the moment we’re in development for another script that I’ve written. The idea came to me and I wrote it in just a few short months. It’s based on a mother/daughter story and how it’s easy to escape your parents but difficult to hide from the imprint they have on your life. I don’t want to reveal too much but it’s definitely emotionally gripping and a story that many people can relate to. We’re scheduled to shoot this fall.

Q.  Did you go to film school or are you self-taught?

A.   I started acting in College by being highly involved in the theater department. Later that year, l took a risk by leaving school to pursue an acting career in LA. I did everything I could to get onto any set. I assisted with everything from PA, castings, production, and even some minor camera operating. One could say I'm self-taught, but I believe that everyone I’ve met along the way has mentored and enabled me to acquire the knowledge I know today.

Q.  What’s the biggest thing that people need to know when doing a short film?

A.   I think the biggest piece of advice I could give someone when undertaking a short film is to ask yourself: "Why must I tell this story?" and "What am I doing this project for?” Short films don't often generate any type profit; the purpose is solely to share a story you’re truly passionate about.

Q.  If given an opportunity to be on a TV Show what character would you play and why?

A.   I would love to be on a TV show where I could play a character exhibiting a variety of emotional range. I enjoy navigating through scenes with authenticity, peeling back the layers of what drives the particular character I’m portraying.

Q.  What’s next for Cottrell?

A.   There’s so much out there and I’m grabbing it! I’m open to all opportunities that come my way. I will continue growing my career as an actor in TV and Film, while pursuing my love for writing and creating content. I'm extremely passionate about giving back to the community. I've been mentoring at-risk youth for over eight years and will persistently encourage them to pursue their dreams. I’ve also started a monthly workshop aimed at assisting young creative minds with generating their own content; it’s called Entertainment Strategies with Cottrell Guidry. The purpose of the workshop is to connect like-minded individuals and introduce them to an amazing support system designed to assist each other in growing and realizing success in whatever they want to achieve. Lastly, I will continue DJing at luxury events around the country, delivering my love for sound through beats and dance.

Connect with Me on Instagram: @cottrellguidry  | Workshop Info email: staycoolprod@gmail.com  | Website: http://cottrellguidry.com

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