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DāO Detroit



By Robere Lett | Publisher & Style Editor

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Detroit is on the rise with talented entrepreneurs of all types, the city is coming alive with new and innovative businesses that are not only putting Michigan on the map but taking us on a global journey. One of those companies is DāO Detroit. The all-natural, plant-based hair care company was founded in 2016 by Erin Patten and Willis Marshall and has already created a huge buzz, with incredible products that speak to the holistic and healthy living. DāO’s rise to the forefront of the hair care industry is nothing short of amazing! Both Erin & Willis are currently crossing the country promoting the brand.  Look for new updates soon.

DāO embodies a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. You can only look your best when you feel your best. It is our responsibility to help make your journey simple, yet superior.
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About DāO Detroit

In 2016, Erin & Will started experimenting in their home bathroom with the goal of discovering the perfect hair moisturizer for everyone. After selling out of the products the entrepreneurs made at home, they began working closely with a chemist to design and create a full line of natural products that simplify the hair routine for men, women and children, alike. With these transformational products, a business was born.

To complement the products, DāO offers holistic, family-oriented mind and body healing approaches that challenge traditional beauty industry standards of quick fixes for a majority adult female market. These approaches are a key component of the #DefyAllOdds Own Your Identity initiative, funded by a portion of product sales. DāO seeks to be at the forefront of innovation, building vibrant beauty communities for people of all ages, genders, and hair types.