Artist Nivek Monet with his multi-media canvas “Transcendence”

Artist Nivek Monet with his multi-media canvas “Transcendence”

By Robere Lett | Publisher

The creative community came out in full force to support the opening of Multi-media Artist Nivek Monet’s newest installation “Resurgence: The Demonstration”. Held at the Livonia campus of Madonna University, I spoke with Nivek about his latest installation and the creative voice behind it; Resurgence: The Demonstrations’ central theme was structured around The Zodiac in which the art reflects the different zodialogical signs. Nivek’s philosophy of Resurgence was the reflection that all of the signs work through us and for us, this show is a look in the mirror at how Zodiac signs work for each person regardless of what sign you are or your belief in astrology as a whole.

I consider myself a community artist and that my art can be the voice of the people and that art can create the “Aha” moment that can lead to a better understanding and possible healing elements within ourselves.

Resurgence: The Demonstration

Artist Statement

As a multimedia artist, I create images that speak to others as well as myself, about the power and beauty that exists within spiritual life forms having human experiences. Before I begin creating I contemplate and meditate in order to clearly visualize mentally the outcome prior to recreating the image on canvas or other media. I capture the images through many different mediums such as painting, welding, woodcarving, fabrication, installations and more. Using my hands to bring my thoughts to life to communicate my creative visions to a wider range of views.

My intention for my work is to evoke the viewer's emotions. As a result, this inspires and creates higher ideals in people. My objective is to have others feel, look, be moved and transformed through experiencing my art. My artistic goals are to develop my skills to the highest level possible, to teach and share with the community art appreciation and the necessity to keep art alive.


The Artwork Of Nivek Monet

March 15 - April 5, 2019

Madonna University | Exhibit Gallery | 36600 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia MI 48150

Gallery Hours: Monday Thru Saturday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm | Sunday Noon - 7:00 pm

To view more of Nivek’s art, please visit his website @ nivekmonet.com

For more information about purchasing artwork contact Nivek directly at (313) 300-9980

or via email at Nivekmonet@ymail.com











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